Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Married :)

Yes ..... Dearies ......I got married :)

But this post ain't about how, when & where it happened...... Shhhhhh ..... :)

I am here to share the work & research I put in to get an output 
I liked & was equally appreciated by my friends & family.

My concern about all the bridal lehengas available in the market was 
they looked more like decorated venues for a big fat Indian wedding than a piece of clothing a poor bride needs to wear for a long time 
on the most imp day of her life.

No , I am not saying that gud lehengas are not available. 
They most likely are, but I could not see myself spending all my saving on this ONE garment which I might never wear again......

So, here is what i did ...........

I wanted light fabric, colours and embroidery / work as much as I need.... 

I went and bought the fabric, thought of the colour scheme and got the fabric dyed ..... there are a lot of places where you can get this done now ..... 
And for the colour scheme and how to go about it.....
We are there to help always :)

And this was the outcome !

The colours !

The cliche Red was not my choice ...... no no no !
but to keep the elders happy I had to include it. 
So I added one of the dupattas in Red

I wanted colours that were big this season ...... and hence .....
I chose Bright Orange & Lime Green and was immensely happy that 
my lehenga would be unique & at least I would not doze off 
looking at my own wedding photographs ever ....... ever !

The work done on the fabric was delicate and light as 
I wanted the colours to stand out.

Out of the 2 dupattas, Lime Green & Red, I kept lime Green light &
the Red one a little heavy.

The jewelry chosen
gave a royal look. 

It was again chosen 
with primarily only 1 colour
to keep the look clean.

The bangles I opted for  were Lac bangles. 
The neck piece & ear rings 
are the critical piece of jewelry as they 
should be selected keeping in mind the face & neck structure.

Make up !!

Make up is supremely important !
We have seen enough examples of beautiful girls looking
scary on their D Day and making their to-be husbands wonder
if this is the same girl !!!

Now lets work ahead of time and not let such history repeat itself.

Research and figure how much make up you want and 
keep a tab on how the make up artist is doing their job.

And if you need help ...... don't hesitate to call us :)

And yes :) Tulika was here to share the fun with me on my special day :)

Till the Next post ............ Style it up ;)