Tuesday, 25 October 2011


And Diwali is here ...... The Grand Festival of India .......

For our Diwali special post we wanted to work on ensembles which included subtle touch of jewelry and very wearable combinations !!

We wanted to focus on how one bold piece of jewelry 
can ' quirk ' up the whole attire !!

This silver neck piece is bought from Nepal, worn with a plain black kurta and glossy black & silver stole. This look is very elegant and chic.


This Royal  " Maang Tikka " as they call it here in India 
can be worn as the statement piece for it can 
make heads turn towards you ..... ONLY U  !!  

Do we need to say anymore !!

Brocade colourful jacket teamed up with 
a Leheriya saree worn as dhoti.

Brass neck piece worn as a " baju bandh ". 

All those of you who thought dressing up in traditional wear 
is " OH - SO - Boring " ...... think again!

Thewa Jewelry worn with bright 
orange and pink kurta worn as a dress.

Don't save the colours for Holi .... Make Diwali equally colourful !!!

It was great fun getting this Diwali post together.

Hope you guys pick up some tricks of the trade and make your Diwali attire STYLISH !!!

Special Thanks to Urvija Priyadarshini for the support :)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Perfect Gurl's Day Out !!!!


Chicken Wings - HRC Hyderabad  ....... FOOD ....  The Other Passion
Yummylicious !!!!

And the drinks to go with the yummy food ...........

And this was topped with loads n loads of  talking ..... giggling ..... gossiping 


Clutch  or  Sling Bag  ....... The " IN " accessory

Red bag from MANGO ...... as a clutch here !!

And a Sling Bag here !!

Pooja :  I was wearing a long green tunic from AND with black leggings from Globus 
with floral print shoes from INC5. 

The cute looking red sling bag added the Zing ......


Awesome Winter wear is already here !!

       Beige Stripped Jacket .....from Promod ........ 

Pooja : Wondering whether to go right away & buy it .......


                                The Oh-So-Awesome Jacket !!! 

This is a trench-coat style bubbling bright orange jacket from .....just awesome !!! Promod again

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Style Myths!

Yes! You can be the savvy girl who knows it all about Style and be the talk of the town.
Don’t agree?
Well ….. We are here to help you.
We are talking about How real personal style often has little to do with what is considered Fashionable in any season.
Get this  ….. Style is the ability to distinguish between what works for YOU and what does not, and
 when this ability overrides the marketing Hulla N Hungama of the newest , hottest “must haves” in the market … you Got it !! It’s that simple!!

Many misconceptions hovering around about Style & Fashion don’t let you get to ‘Your Style Statement’ :
Here are a few which we thought were apt and are inspired by Kendall Farr’s book on styling !!
  •   Style & Fashion = Perfect Body, Perfect Stats

High Fashion models are the rarest body types to be found , don’t fight to be them. Your only fashion ideal should YOU at your best, and that means well-dressed for your body as IT IS NOW !!

  • Ready to Wear is actually Ready to Wear

When we go to the glitzy malls or stores , what we find are the sizes ‘S‘, ‘M‘, ‘L‘, ‘XL’ and so on. And we end up picking one of them for us. But is it the real fit for you ??? Take the pain to get it altered coz off the rack is not tailor made for you and it can fit you better.

  •   Your Style quotient is raised , if you wear the “ Must Haves” of the current trend

Hunting down the latest ramp looks without caring if they suit you, kills the style and You become a Fashion Slave.
Seasonal Looks or the looks on the Ramp are tempting but they are to inspire You, not for you to copy them!!

Get inspired and blend it to your own look!