Style Shala .....Wat ?

STYLE is what is defined by you and what defines you eventually!!!

Style is all about:

The phone u carry and the trinkets u add onto it,
How u dress up your simple looking bag,
The Font you choose for your presentation 
How funky is ur diary that you write in!!! ...................
STYLE is the attitude u wear and is not based on Size or Shape or Complexion or Status!!!!
Style Shala is the effort to bring in “Quirk“ into each ‘n’ every wardrobe  which is still rarely seen in India but making waves in the World of Fashion all over the Globe. And here we start from the city of Hyderabad. We are here to Style-up people & Wake them up to an easily accessible world of colours and creations.
Teachers, Housewives, Corporate Managers, Realtors, Techies, Full-time Moms, Teenagers, Brides and just about anyone can be stylish without digging deep into their pockets  and can look like a Super Star!!

Style Shala for your Rescue ? 


  • Bored of opening your eyes every morning to the same wardrobe?
  • Glances from people around, makes you doubtful of what suits you?
  • Shopping for self or other : BORING ?
  • Wanna look different at certain events?
  • Accessorizing : not your cup of Tea ?
  • Looking for a fun shopping experience !! ??!!!
Reach us at STYLE SHALA to find solution to your every style query!