Sunday, 29 July 2012

It’s Raining Men!!! Hallelujah!!

After the overwhelming response to our last post “Into The Wild“ we are here again !
And this time we have our hearts in our mouth as we prepare for this post !
And you know why ??  Coz its raining Men !!!!

 Since we started our work there have been so many requests by the guys to do a men's special.
And hence we finally decided to share a peek into the streets.
Not just ordinary streets, streets where fashion doesn’t occur on special occasion, but is a daily necessity and can be found in every nook n corner!
We are sharing these pics from the very famous Fashion Blogger – The Sartorialist

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


     Corporate Chic – Gone Wild !

 Contemporary neckwear with a simple
Blazer n’ Shorts combo can turn you into
a sassy corporate woman!
   We finish the look with a ‘feather in the hair‘
 and a quirky pair of glasses!


The Red Indians are here - RUN !

Inspired by Red Indians this look can
help you stand out in the crowd !

Pick up a part of the look rather than the whole ensemble if its too much to digest !

        Crisp white Shirt & Brown linen pants
with the boots !

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Lost in Transition !!! That's what happened ...

So, wondering where we went ?? 
After the awesome start, 
the Glitz the Glamour the Style !!!!

Got busy folks !
 Got busy with weddings in the family and admissions for new courses and basically Life !!

Yes Life , how the normality of life entangles you and you don't even 
realise how much time has passed !!

But now we are back !

And with the awe - inspiring theme
  " Into The Wild " we totally want to stupefy you with the ensembles !

Go ahead ! Take a Look !

Pick up the cues and include them in your own wardrobes.

We are also showcasing the beautiful neck-pieces which quirk up the whole to the next Level !

Lil Black Dress – Never enuf !

Picked up from the beautiful & vast world of Handicraft in India.

The brass pieces are from West Bengal & the silver piece is from Gujarat.

Match it with the lil’ Black dress and
get a totally new look.

Colours of the Jungle – Use the OG !

Olive Green cotton Kurti with a pair of black jeggings gives you all the comfort,
And with a stylish belt & a medieval brass neck piece,
It gives you the untamed primitive look !


We are back ! And its Gr8 to be back !