Sunday, 13 November 2011

Goan Glam - The Gypsy !!!!

The Gypsy !!

Bright coloured dhoti pants worn with a black top to balance the whole look.

Add jewellry blending with the look. We have used earings, neckpieces, bracelets & rings ...... you can choose all or only one of them !! 

Team it with a bright colour stole and tie it up as a bandana for the gypsy look !!     

Hope you all get inspired and try the new look !!!

Get Stylish !!!

See ya soon !!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Goan Glam !! - The love for PINK !!

GOA ...... is THE place to forget all your worries and add colours to your life ......

So many colours put together you may wonder if its doing justice to your look or looks like circus ...

Worry not pretty ladies, we have here a few looks !!

The Love for PINK !!

Pink, a favourite of almost every girl. 
 It is a colour which would never fail to bring out the feminine charm in you.
   We doubt if there is a girl on this planet who doesn't have Pink in her wardrobe!

Here is a look inspired by Goa n how you can wear pink with other colours

Worn here are Dhoti pants & pink vest bought from GOA ...... teamed up with multi colour beaded neckpiece and purple & pink broad bangles !!
Wait Up !!!!!
We have more coming your way inspired by GOA in our next post  !!!

Goan Glam !!

Style Shala visited GOA !!
Who in India does not know Goa!! One of the most sought after travel destinations in our country
Perfect blend of Exotic beaches, Delicious cuisine, Easy-going people & Rocking parties .......
And Style Shala made its maiden visit to this paradise
So take a dip in the ocean of colours and style!!
And Style Shala's first step on the beautiful beach of Goa, adding to the glamour of the already Glamorous Goa !!

Don't we just love the Gypsy Look !!
Introducing our Latest Muse !! We found her selling trinkets near Anjuna Beach
Check out the blast of colours and the Tribal Jewellry !!
And above all .... she sure does have the attitude to carry it all !!

So , its Goa ........ it calls for a pair of shorts and flowy cotton top to do justice to the weather. Style it up with the quirky Owl Neckpiece doing the rounds of the Fashion scene all over the world and the Blue Turquoise Ring adding to the whole look !!

Coming up in our next post !!
 Our very own Gypsy look with all that we shopped from GOA !!