Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Be Stylish ! - Size does not matter !

And you thought you can't get stylish !!!

Plus-size woman no longer has to stand outside the fashion world, peeping in, and dreaming about being a part of it !!

She is a part of the Fashion World now !
They are now included in major fashion magazines and fashion houses.

Style trends and seasonal wardrobes offered by talented designers have greatly enriched the fashion choices of larger style-conscious women.

The trick being knowing the TRICK ;) !!

Here are a few options from Style Shala ! 
Beating the usual jeans and a tee !


Draw attention to the top half of your body by wearing dark or neutral pants or skirts with colorful blouses.


Don't wear dresses, pants or blouses that are too large.
You will look bigger than you are and attract attention to 
areas you want to de-emphasize. 

Instead of adding volume to your body,
choose clothes that are properly tailored and have slimming effect

 Dresses !!! Love em' all ...... you can too !

And you thought there are no dresses for u !
There you are wrong Gurl.


Wearing a dress, like the one we showcase here, along with a few pearls, can get you in a mood for a girlie brunch !
Dresses, be it knee length or Maxi Dresses, shud hide what should be hidden and attract attention towards the pros.

Patterned skirt with kurti -  Exercise caution with patterns:

Never wear an entire outfit of all one pattern with no solid color to break it up.

An exception to this rule is the size of the pattern doesn't overwhelm your height. 

Larger prints are for taller women. 

If you are wearing a skirt, top and jacket, only one of these should have a pattern.


 Black - the Ultimate Savior !

Ofcourse it is !!
But make it quirky by adding ethnic jewellry 
to a simple top & a knee length skirt !

When choosing neck pieces make sure they don't stick to your neck as they look suffocating.

Anklets here are the true tribal ones adding to the fusion look with the greek strappy sandals!

A true mixture of style and comfort this one is for you ladies !

To end this post would like to say 

"Style is knowing who you are & what you want to say
And not giving a damn "

Be Stylish !!!