Monday, 2 January 2012

Wearing the Classics !!

" Classics " was what we were wearing welcoming this " New Year ".

Red, Black n White !!
To get these colours right, you gotta learn a few tricks of the trade!!

Lets first venture into the world of Black 'n' White.


This Classic combination of Black & White never fails and 
Tulika took it to another level by wearing the Polka !! 
Black & white prints or in this case the ' polka' 
can be worn with solids with the trick of layering.

 Here she wears a Polka Dot dress with a Grey Jacket. 
Adding to it are silver accessories, the famous 
Owl Neckpiece included !!

 When it comes to black and white prints, the bolder, the better.
Just make sure to scale the print to your 
frame - smaller for smaller frames, larger for larger frames. 


Now, lets play with " Red " !!

Wearing Red is as Tricky as it is Tempting I would say ...
You lust to wear it .....
but to get it right without looking like Ms Claus is a task in itself !!


Wore a Bright Red Top with Denim & White Jacket !! 
Simple yet Glamourous.
Adding to the Classic look are the pearls .....string of which adds to the subtle glamour.

To add the Zing ...... wearing Red lipstick ...... 
making the whole look ' Moulin Rouge ' inspired.


So this is how we celebrated our New Year in true Style Shala flavour !!

Hope this post inspires you to attempt the Classics more often.
Till the next post , Be Stylish !!


  1. Coolll..Great gals... nice attempt :) Appreciate.

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  3. Hey Malin !!! Thanks for liking !!

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